We all know that all businesses need to be visible on Google.  For most, this means optimising their website and running Google Ads.  However, many business owners forget to optimise their profile on Google My Business.

A BrightLocal study showed that 5% of Google My Business listings views result in a website click call or direction request.  The same report highlights the number of direct searches for business name or address) is increasing every year.

With this in mind, we have put together our 7 top tips to optimise your GMB profile:

  1. Use photos as they are the face of your business
    Make sure you upload the best pictures of your work to showcase what you can do.  Adding pictures of your shopfront, examples of your work, team photos to encourage customers to trust you over other businesses!
  2. Ask for more Customer Reviews
    Put more emphasis on your customers leaving you good reviews (ask them, ask again and ask one last time!). Your customers can even post pictures of your work. You can also reach out to some of your previous customers to get a head start!
  3. Respond to Customer Reviews
    You can and should respond to reviews! It can be a simple thank you but even better if you can leave a tailored response!
  4. Set-up Messaging on your GMB App
    You can set up your Google My Business App to let customers message you on there. Not only will this improve your listing for using more of Google’s features but it will provide you with one place to manage all your leads.
  5. Post Offers and Products on your profile
    Google favours those that update their profiles with regular posts, if you’re already posting on Facebook why not copy this over for your Google My Business account too?
  6. Add other platforms
    If you have a website or social media page, you can add that to your GMB Listing, this helps potential customers see all your hard work and get all the information they need.
  7. Refine your listing
    On the whole, the more refined your GMB listing is, the more effective it will be in bringing you the results you want – and the best thing, it’s free!


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