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You can see the performance of your Google campaigns. Other features include budget pacing, competitor ad review, reporting and analysis, click fraud savings and more!

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The AdInvestor team should have sent you your personal login details to view your account. Please go to this link and enter your login details:

If you have not received your username and password. Please contact the AdInvestor Team via email or Whatsapp.

Your budget is the amount you are ready to spend. However, your daily budget might not be reached each day so you could actually spend less than the daily budget planned. Daily spends fluctuate based on user intent so we work with monthly budget to allow for any fluctuations in spend. You can refer to your live Adinvestor dashboard to monitor the spend

Google determines who sees an ad based on a variety of different signals and internet search behaviours. There are a few different reasons that Google may not show you an ad:

  • If you have searched for your own keywords a number of different times but have never submitted an enquiry on your own page, Google’s algorithm will learn that the ad is not relevant to you and will stop showing you an ad.
  • Competition from other brands might be very strong in your area so your ads show less
  • Google might not deem you as a valuable audience – if it knows you work with GreenThumb, it won’t show you an ad for your own services!

There are 3 main reasons for why you may have an enquiry come through from someone outside of your branch’s operating locations:

  1. Google shows an ad to someone based on where they are when they search. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that this is where the person lives.
  2. We cannot target our ads down to specific streets or postcode sectors, which might mean that someone lives in very close proximity to your area, but not within an exact postcode that you cover.
  3. National campaigns could target anyone in the UK who is searching for services in your area. It is unlikely that someone would type in an exact postcode or street name over than a general area, which means that although they might be searching 

We track 3 main actions that can lead to an enquiry:

  1. Form submissions on your Push landing page
  2. Calls to the tracking number on your Push landing page
  3. Calls directly to your branch number from your ad in the search results

Your ads will be seen in the Google search results when a prospect customer searches for a term relevant to your business in the Google search engine.

We are running a national campaign, targeting the whole of the UK, the keywords within this campaign will be location-specific to the areas you can serve.

We have a regional campaign set up which is targeting specific postcodes within your territory. The keywords in this campaign will capture those who are not searching for location-specific keywords.

Google Ads is a “pay-per-click” advertising program, which only charges you when somebody visits your website as a result of a Google search. You only pay when an interested customer clicks your ad and visits your website!

With Google Ads, you won’t be charged for more than your advertising costs.

Your charge covers your advertising costs and unpaid costs from previous billing cycles.

However, your charge won’t exceed your payment threshold.

Google Invoices are generated and sent to you from at the beginning of each month. 

The Google ads invoice is for how much you have spent on advertising per month. This is paid directly to Google. 

Whereas, the AdInvestor invoice is £155 per month for management of the Google ads campaigns.

By logging into the AdInvestor platform, you will have full transparency over the performance of your ads account. You will be able to see what keywords, ads and campaigns are receiving traffic. You can also use the “deep-dive” section to view campaigns too. 

We currently target by postcode, which means your ad will appear when a user makes a search whilst they are in one of your targeted locations.

Due to Google’s privacy policies and GDPR compliance, we are only able to target the first half of a postcode rather than the specific sectors within the second half of a postcode. For example, Google is not able to distinguish between ‘PE28 9’ and ‘PE28 0’.

This is the reason that some franchises have seen out of area enquiries or enquiries intended for another branch where there is some postcode overlap.

We also run ‘National’ campaigns, which target the whole of the UK. However, these campaigns require that a user’s search term must include the name of one of the targeted locations for an ad to be triggered. 

We have further explained this in this video:

A tracking phone number is a specific phone number that routes to your branch business phone number. The tracking numbers allow us to gauge the performance of our campaigns by allowing us to see how many leads have been generated through phone calls.

This number is only used on your Push landing page, and has been set up to start with the same area code as your branch phone number.

The number of people who will see your ads is very dependent on the number of people searching in your area. For example, the number of people in London is much larger than the number of people in Bournemouth!

This is why the number of enquiries from franchise to franchise differs so much. Our job is making sure that your ads appear for as many of the searches in your area as possible, to maximise the number of leads you receive.

Your account is being managed by a team of account managers called the AdInvestor team.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, you can send them to us by email to, or you can Whatsapp 07853 357670.